Pole - Beginners

If you have never taken a pole dance class, this is the class for you. Here, you will learn the fundamentals of pole dance techniques.

Think that blade, chopper, invert, crucifix climb, all sound like a foreign language? Well, add that extra language to your resume; as after an average of 6+ classes, not only will you be proficient with the names of pole moves. You will be able to spin, climb, move smoothly up, down and all around the pole.

Working at your own pace, you will notice significant improvement to your body's tone. This amazing full body workout not only improves cardio and strength, you will have a great time as you practise.

Once comfortable with the skills learnt here, you will be ready for the next pole level.

Suitable for any level and experience.

What to wear.

Shorts that exposes the back of knees. No body lotion. No footwear required.