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Fundraiser: How To Support

First of all, THANK YOU!

We've gotten several inquiries asking how can you support us at any distance, here are a few funding options:

1) Locally within Malaysia

2) Internationally


We understand this is a difficult time for many individuals and organizations too, funding support may not be viable for some. Here are some ideas:

1) Share about this fundraiser (FIT-14 Comeback Challenge included) on your social media and/or with friends, colleagues, and family

2) Donate your time whether it's arts, crafts, services, and products to fundraise on Viva Vertical's behalf. Just please get in touch with us first so we may align our projects and support each other visibly too.

And hey, if you would like to suggest anything, we're all ears! Please get in touch with Lola or Yiki (because Nana is swamped)

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