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What You Need to Know





Viva Circus Awards is a modern competition organised by Viva Vertical PLT. 

Grand finals of Viva Circus Awards will fall on 23rd July 2023 and held at Damansara Performing Arts Centre.

Prior to submission, you are required to read and understand to the rules and regulations herein.


a. Viva Vertical PLT shall not be responsible or held liable in respect of injury, damage occurred to you.

b.  Competitors must sign waiver of liability before the competition.

c.  Competitors may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the day of competition.

d.  Competitors may not be pregnant on the day of competition.

e.  Competitors may not communicate with the judges at any time while the event is taking place.

f.  In the event when change is deemed necessary for safety reason, it will happen immediately and you will be inform as soon as possible either orally or in writing.

g.  Competitors agree that Viva Vertical PLT can use photos and footage for advertising, promotional and commercial uses.


a. Submission video can be in any length but the judges will only judge the first 2:30mins.

b. Video validity should be within 6 months.

c. Video must be bright, sharp focus and in high resolution.

d. Must showcase on both static and spinning poles.

e. A NON-REFUNDABLE submission fee will be charged for each submission. Please refer to the pricing table below:

​f. Submission do not guaranteed a place in Grand Finals. All submission videos will go through a preliminary round of selection.

g. The will be a total of four categories of equipment choice.

i. Pole (Solo or Duo)

ii. Aerial Hoop (Solo or Duo)

iii. Aerial Silk (Solo or Duo)

iv. Aerial Open (Solo or Duo)

Equipments allowed - Hammock, Trapeze, Rope, Cube and Strap

Each category are divided into three different levels - Amateur, Semi-Professional and Professional.  Definition as below:

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 9.53.45 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 9.55.58 AM.png


a. Final music edit must be submitted no later than 15th June 2023.

b. Music are to be at least 3 minutes long and are not exceeding 4 minutes in length.

c. Cutting a song or mixing more than several songs is approved.

d. All competitors are responsible for the quality and submission of their music.


a. Being that the idea of nudity or partial nudity in Malaysia may be less socially acceptable compared to some other countries, in order to maintained a smooth and orderly run of event.

Competitors are advised to wear bottoms that are fully covered their genitals part and entire bum. G-string, thongs are NOT allowed. Tops that are not overly exposed of cleavage/breasts. Please note that this apply to all genders of competitors.

Points will be deducted for any costume slips/excessive exposure. 


b. Removing of clothing/stripping is NOT allowed.

c. Costumes may NOT include:

1. Promote materials of any business or individual.

2. Obvious underwear or lingerie.

3. Swimwear or bikinis – transparent clothing that does not cover the breast or pelvic area.

4. No fire, oil, water or paint.

5. May be barefoot or in heels.

Performance and Judging

a. Performance that are deemed to fall within below categories, will be subjected to disqualification.

i. Racist ii. Homophobic iii. Incite hatred towards vilification of minorities

b.As for your reference, judging criteria for video submission round are available HERE.

c. The decision of judges will be final.

d. Competitors are advise to showcase on both static and spinning pole.

e. Competitors are allowed to use props for their performance. Please note competitors are required to clean up their own props after performance.


While VCA allows use of grip aids, please note that the grip aids should only be applied onto competitor’s hands or body. Applying grip aids directly onto the equipment is strictly NOT ALLOWED.


  1. 2 x 40mm competition X-Pole.

  2. One static and One spinning

  3. Overall pole height 3.80 metres

  4. Competitors are required to clean their own poles before their respective turn.



  1. 1 x 37inch hoop tape in black colour.

  2. 1 x 40inch hoop tape in black colour.

  3. Hoop provided will be attached to a set of 2 carabiners and 1 swivel.

  4. Competitors are allowed to use their own hoop.


  1. 1 x Red colour silk.

  2. 1 x White colour silk

  3. Silk provided will be attached to a set of 2 carabiners, 1 swivel and knotted onto figure eight.

  4. Competitors are allowed to use their own silk.

Please note complete stage plan will only be provided to finalists.

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